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Our Peanut Protein Powder packs a punch with 10g of plant protein per serving! Plus it has no added sugar!

What Tru-Nut Is All About

Living Healthy

It’s hard to get into a diet that promotes overall health in your life, but it’s so important for our overall wellbeing.  And Tru-Nut makes the food part easy!  You can use Tru-Nut in so many different ways, and it has 85% less fat and fat calories plus 5g of plant protein per serving, so you can stay focused on your diet.

Eating Healthy

The best thing about Tru-Nut is that not only are our products healthy, but they taste great!  Imagine satisfying your craving for delicious peanut butter while taking in 5g of plant protein per serving, and cutting out 85% of the fat from traditional peanut butter!  All of our products are gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, Kosher, and are grown from 100% US-grown high oleic peanuts.

Blending Goodness

We love the sound of blenders churning!  Just scoop at least 2 tablespoons of Tru-Nut into your blender to make a tasty, healthy protein shake or smoothie!  Each 2 tablespoon scoop adds 5g of plant protein per serving.

There are so many easy and creative ways to add Tru-Nut to your daily diet.  Try using Tru-Nut as a topping on your overnight oats or cereal.  Use it to make a Thai peanut sauce or stir fry.  Use it to bake hearty pancakes.  Mix it with a baked sweet potato (our Cinnamon flavor of Powdered Peanut Butter is especially tasty on sweet potatoes).  Take a look at our Creations page to get inspired and see more creative ways to use Tru-Nut.

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