In 2013, soon-to-be Tru-Nut founder Reid Edgar worked for a specialty food distributor in Atlanta, GA. He knew nothing about the food business at the time, and wouldn’t have considered himself a “foodie”. Through circumstance, he found himself in this job. Quickly he began to appreciate the appeal of specialty foods, eating well, and was drawn in by all of the unique products he found. It was all new to him, and he wanted to be a part of this movement. Very early on he decided to start his own specialty food business, inspired by the new world he had come across. But what would he make? He believed in making a product that used high quality ingredients, tasted good but was also very healthy. Too many foods that he found did not fit all three criteria. Many foods used high quality ingredients and tasted good, but were loaded with fat and sugar. There had to be something that combined all three: the ultimate specialty food product.

The concept of powdered peanut butter immediately intrigued Reid. It was made with simple, high quality ingredients. And with 85% less fat than traditional peanut butter, the nutritional content was great. But the wow moment came when he first tasted it. How could something so low in fat and calories taste so good? And then he knew what he wanted to make, something that fit all of his criteria. Creating this amazing product became his passion. He believed everyone would love this new concept of peanut butter in powder form, with so much less fat and calories. He began to educate consumers about the benefits of powdered peanut butter, driven by a desire to see the concept adapted nationwide. So many people can eat healthier, and not have to sacrifice taste to do so! This idea drove him to create and build Tru-Nut.

Now, the powdered peanut butter concept already existed when Tru-Nut was founded. Reid knew he had to make his product better than the rest. Making new, creative flavors such as maple flavored powdered peanut butter was the first way Tru-Nut differentiated itself from the rest of the crowd. Next was to make it more nutritionally sound. Tru-Nut has less sodium and sugar than the other brands. These are just some of the ways we are growing the concept of powdered peanut butter to appeal to more and more people!

Now in 2016, Tru-Nut is sold in over 3,000 stores nationwide. And we’re still growing! We’re creating new products based on our three criteria that we believe are the foundation for great food: using high quality ingredients, great taste and is also good for you.