These are the different components that make up the shipper:



Shipper Box


Shelf Insert


Cardboard Filler

Outer Box

This is how to assemble the shipper so that it is ready to be sent to the customer:

1. Take the shipper box and hold it upright as you see in the video and fold in the sides to form the box.  Make sure the end that is held up next to you has 2 horizontal holes in it.


2. Fold the end with the 2 horizontal holes down and underneath so that it snaps into place in the back of the shipper box.


3. Flip the shipper box over and it should be standing upright by itself.  Now take the 2 flaps on the side and fold them in.  Notice how the bottom part of the flap will need to be pulled up and over the lip on the bottom of the shipper box.  Do this on both sides and tuck the flaps into the grooves at the back of the shipper box.

4. Now take the shelf and fold it as you see in the video.  Make sure you are holding it in the correct way with the extended tab on the end farthest from you.  Take the folded shelf and insert it so that the edges go inside the flaps on the side of the shipper box.  Make sure that the shelf is flat inside the shipper box.


5. Now take the next 2 flaps up and fold those in as well, then repeat step 4.


6. Once you have placed the final shelf unit into place, take the top of the shipper and fold it down and underneath so that it goes into the grooves at the back of the shipper box.  Now fold in the final set of flaps.

7. Now take the shelf insert and fold it as you see in the video.  Take 4 inserts and put them into the 4 bays of the shipper.


8. The shipper now has to be filled.  The top 2 bays will be filled with original 6.7oz jars, and the bottom 2 rows will be filled with chocolate 6.7oz jars.  12 jars into each bay, 48 total per shipper.

9. Now take the cardboard filler and fold it inward along the creases so that it is flat and insert it above the jars into each bay.  This will hold the jars in place during transit.  The shipper box is now assembled.


10. Take the brown outer box, tape one end closed and place it over the shipper box.  Flip the box over so that the open end of the outer box is facing up.

11. Take the header and tear along the lines as seen in the video.  Fold the header card and put it into the shipper box.


12. Take the base and fold it as you see in the video so that it is flattened.  Place it inside the shipper box.  The shipper is now complete.