Powdered Peanut Butter is the newest thing to happen to peanut butter in… well, a long time.  Tru-Nut makes Powdered Peanut Butter in four flavors, Original peanut butter flavorChocolate, Cinnamon and our newest flavor, Maple.  Unlike traditional peanut butter, Tru-Nut contains at least 85% less fat and fat calories.  Tru-Nut is non-GMO, all-natural and gluten-free.  So how is it made?

qualityusaPowdered Peanut Butter starts out with high oleic, roasted peanuts.  Tru-Nut exclusively uses peanuts grown in the southeastern United States.  We proudly display the ‘Quality USA’ logo from the American Peanut Council to certify that we use 100% US-grown peanuts.  The peanuts are then pressed to remove the oils.  The peanuts are then ground into a fine powder that still retains all of the natural peanut flavor.


There’s a million different ways you can use Tru-Nut.  Want to make simple peanut butter?  Just mix Tru-Nut with water and stir, and you’ve got tasty peanut butter.  Tru-Nut can also be added to milk shakes, protein shakes, brownies, cookies, and as a topping for dishes like pad thai and oatmeal.  You are only limited by your own creativity in the ways that you can make Tru-Nut a part of your daily diet.



Put it in smoothies…

Bake with Tru-Nut and make peanut butter swirl brownies