Buying A Tree

When you buy a tree at Tru Forest, you’re doing so much more than just supporting us in planting your tree.  Your contribution supports local villagers in ________ who get paid to do the planting.  These people are also tasked with watering and tending to the trees, as well as protecting the entire forest and ensuring its wellbeing.  Your investment in us is long-term, and so is our commitment to making sure that your tree thrives, provides a healthy habitat for humans, plants and animals alike, and sequesters carbon for many years to come.

For $25, You…

  • Plant 1 Tree in our Tru Forest
  • Support Local Caregivers who Plant, Care for and Protect the Tru Forest
  • Have the Opportunity to Visit Your Tree and the Tru Forest.  PLUS, you will get 1 Free Night Accommodation at our Eco Lodge in the Tru Forest (pending completion in 2022)
  • Receive Exclusive Updates and Photos of the Tru Forest as it Grows

Our passion is great for this project, and we want you to join us on this journey.  We want the Tru Forest to continue to grow and thrive for many years and generations to come.  One of our goals is also to provide a roadmap for other individuals, business, non-profits, etc. on how to create their own reforestation project.  We hope to inspire many others around the world to do the same thing, and hopefully create many other new forests around the world.  The impact of Tru Forest can be much more than just this one forest, we can educate others to make forests covering thousands of acres all over the world!