Compostable Single-Serving Stickpack

For all of our fans who love Powdered Peanut Butter but don’t want to carry a jar with you to the office, to the gym, or when you’re hiking or camping, we made this for you! It’s portable and easy to carry with you wherever you go so that you eat healthy throughout the day. Tear open the stickpack and add the powder to your smoothie, protein shake, oatmeal, yogurt, cereal, or whatever you are craving to get 8 grams of tasty plant protein!

Best of all, the packaging for our Single-Serving Stickpacks is compostable. Put this in your compost pile, or bury it in some dirt, and in 9-12 months it will have completely biodegraded. Even if you throw it in the trash, it will biodegrade in just a few years. Compare that to the average lifespan of plastic packaging, around 500 years!