Powdered Almond Butter


An amazing natural almond taste.  We removed 85% of the fat from these California almonds without sacrificing the taste you know and love.  Try some today!



Eat Well and Blend Goodness!

We made Tru-Nut because we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice great taste to eat healthy! Tru-Nut has that a truly amazing natural almond taste that must be tried to be believed! You will not believe it only has 50 calories per serving.  It is so easy to incorporate Tru-Nut into your daily diet. Just add Tru-Nut with your favorite ingredients to make a healthy protein shake! Or use it in your morning smoothie bowl or oatmeal. Like to bake? Use Tru-Nut to make low calorie macarons! Why not indulge while eating healthy?


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