Project Transparency

Alabama Project:

(insert photo of property)


Date Purchased:

Property is Owned by: Tru Forest, LLC (us)

Step 1:

(photo of arrid land)

Acquire funding for tree seedling planting.

Money Raised: $_____ out of $_____ goal

Current Status: in process

Goal: Our goal is to raise $____, the equivalent of # tree seedlings planted.  We expect to raise this sum by X date.  At this point, we will move on to step 2, regardless of whether the goal amount has been raised.

Step 2:

Planting the trees.  We are contracting with ______ company to plant the tree seedlings for us.  This is a local tree planting company that typically plants trees for timber harvesting companies (they are not aware of our plans to keep these trees alive, and will remain so throughout the process).  However, they are very proficient in this role and can do the job for a good price.  Their cost to us is $___ per acre of trees planted (click here to see the quote for this project from _______).  The planting process will take approximately _ days.

Step 3:

Maintenance.  As the trees take root and grow, we will partner with ______, a local timber management company.  This company will help to ensure that the trees grow quickly and healthily.  Again, they will have no idea of our ultimate plans for these trees.  The maintenance period will last approximately _ years.  After which point, the trees will have become sufficiently established in the ground and no longer need support in growing.  The cost of this service is $___ (see attached quote here).

Step 4:

Conservation Easement.  This step will actually take place during the process of step 3.  To ensure that this plot of land will not be harvested for timber by us or anyone else, we will place the land into a conservation easement with the ________ (Georgia Land Trust).  To read more about conservation easements and how they work, click here.  Conservation easements do not expire, and will remain in effect in perpetuity.


Estimated Costs:

_____ – land purchase

______ – planting

_______ – maintenance